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Developing a generic version of the Visual Tenancy Agreement

  Working together… 
A proposition for Housing Associations

I have a simple proposition for a small group of Housing Associations to work together and help me create a generic Visual Language version of  tenancy agreements. In return I will provide each association with a fully branded version for distribution via DVD, USB sticks & the web, images for print and web pages and DVD media at virtually cost price. This includes a licence for life and updates.  
What needs doing...
The pictures that make up the visual tenancy agreement DVD are complimented by a very simple “Plain English” narrative and designed to work for all audiences. If you have a look at this blog you can see a good selection of the imagery I have created and the thinking behind it.

Originally made and tested with input from supported living tenants it now has the endorsement of many influential professionals in Learning Disability so I can be 100% confident that it will meet the needs of supported living tenants. The way I designed it also means it also works for all your general needs tenants as well, so its perfect for induction and also for existing tenants where you may wish to reinforce understanding of the terms of their agreement. 

I have had tenants contact me on Twitter requesting DVD’s to take to their landlords because they found it so helpful in making the complex easy to grasp.

I won’t tell…

If you can honestly say you understand the legalise found in every  set of terms and conditions, insurance policies and agreements we all have to sign up to you are in a very small minority.

Even when tenancy agreements are simplified many are still text based, a very long list of “You must not”. This is not a perfect solution for all of your tenants who may have low literacy problems for whatever reason.

However by providing tenants with both your written agreement and a visual version ensures that they fully understand every aspect of their tenancy from day 1 leading to improved compliance and helping avoid potentially costly interventions. Its also very welcoming, your new land lord has gone the extra mile for you to make things easier to understand.

The History

As it was made some years ago for Origin Housing but it  now needs to be taken apart and rebuilt to create an up to date “ un branded and generic version”. By re creating it in modular form I can then bespoke the design of the pages and menus easily and cost effectively, so if you update your corporate branding or merge its quick and easy to update.   

Platforms for delivering media have changed considerably with the cloud and apps and intranets now common so I also want to make it future proof and app friendly.

To do this properly there is a good deal of research to be done to ensure the content of the new generic version matches everyone’s requirements. In order to achieve the above “up grade” it’s quite a complex and time consuming task and I am looking for support. 
The Deal
 My solution is to get 5 or 6 Housing Associations “Working Together” and in return for this support the discounts on DVD’s and licences guarantee a return on the investment and savings year on year.  By getting a group of you to work together I hope to mitigate any housing associations concerns about “perceived risk and exposure” as you are working together. 

Put simply in return for a contribution towards development and production I offer the following deal to ensure your investment in the development is re payed "with profits". We can fine tune this offer around your needs.  

      1)    Heavily discounted License fee, one off payment then free for life.

2)    DVD’s at virtually cost price for the next 5 years

3)    All the images in print ready format and optimised for the web

4)    A version of the visual tenancy agreement you can both host and copy to media such as USB sticks (these can be branded)

5)    Finally I will brand your version of the tool, normally a chargeable addition, so it follows your corporate identity guide.


Mitigating Your Exposure
Funding can be held anywhere I am not expecting anyone to place the full amount with me. I would see staged payments with agreed milestones I can evidence as the most practical way forwards.

References and Testimonials
I have done over £100,000 of work for Skills for Care, £40,000 with Origin Housing and worked with Thames Water for a decade on much of their internal and external communications. I am old school my reputation and my work are all I have ever used to promote myself

In exchange for supporting me to make a generic version I can make available to others I am repaying that investment very generously through discounts so there really is something tangible in it for you year on year.

I already have two Associations on board, bpha and Erimus but to do this project justice I am still looking for 3 or 4 others to join the “club”. I will be encouraging the housing associations to work together, getting your tenants involved to help me shape the final product.

Interested to know a bit more, would like me to send you a DVD?

Call me, Jon Bryant on 07831 832 439 or email me  
 Twiter @Chicustard 

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